Current GIS Projects

Sebastian County Clerk Voter Registration Map Website (Maintenance)
Sebastian County OES Map Website (Maintenance)
City of Paris Water/Wastewater System Project
James Fork Water System Project
City of Mansfield Water/Wastewater System Project
Census LUCA Program 2018
Census Boundary and Annexation Project 2018
Crawford County 911 (Maintenance)
Scott County 911 (Maintenance)
Sebastian County 911 (Maintenance)
Sebastian County Fire ISO Rating Map (Maintenance)
Crawford County Saferoom Project (Maintenance)
City of Greenwood Water System Project (Maintenance)
City of Greenwood Wastewater System Project (Maintenance)
City of Barling Utility Project (Maintenance)

Previous GIS Projects

City of Branch (Franklin County) Sewer System Project
City of Altus Fire Hydrant Project
City of Ozark GPS/GIS Project
Sebastian County Automatic/Mutual Aid Fire Project
Sebastian County Fire Hydrant Project
Sebastian County Sex Offender Mapping Project
City of Van Buren Sex Offender Mapping Project
Franklin County Re-Districting Project
Sebastian County Re-Districting Project
City of Waldron Re-Districting Project
Sebastian County Fire Response Analysis for new fire station locations
City of Mulberry Zoning Project
City of Mansfield Zoning Project